Sleepy Review: The Game Might Be Called Sleepy, But You Need to Be Alert!

Sleepy is a simple block game that is actually fun to play thanks to its’ rather unique gameplay feature: the blocks are alive and you can only touch them if they are asleep (hence the title of the game). It may sound odd, but the fact that you need to ensure that each action you make does not wake up the blocks (or only wakes up as few of them as possible), makes for a very exciting game. This is because each stage comes with its own timer, and the more time you spend waiting for blocks to go back to sleep, the more time you end up wasting.

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My Little Pony – The Begining!

“My Little Pony” are a range of toy ponies produced by Hasbro the toy making giants, aimed mainly at little girls .The toys are a unique and imaginative creation thought up by Bonnie Zacherle the American illustrator and designer in 1982. Every little girl dreams of one day owning a pony making this an extremely sought after toy by children who can only dream of owning the real thing. My Little Pony was marketed in 1983 and has gone from strength to strength in popularity ever since, even up to the present day.


Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover

I really loved Gardenscape, the hidden object game where you had to give the garden a makeover by raising money from selling articles you searched for inside a mansion. This follow on is huge fun too as you now turn your attention to the neglected mansion. You have made your garden the best in town so now you have to sort out the mansion. Gardenscape Mansion Makeover has plenty of added features plus upgrades making it a worthy sequel to the original.



Gardenscapes is a hidden object game from Playrix Entertainment that I found utterly entertaining. The graphics are really beautiful being colourful while full of interesting detail. This is a game that goes to the top of my own league table as one of the best in its genre but don’t take my word for it, you must play Gardenscapes yourself. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue is a great tower defense game with gardening as its theme. Fans of the tower defense genre will love playing Garden Rescue as it has all the hallmarks of games of this type with a quirky theme added in for extra entertainment. The difference with this game is that defending your towers earns you money, an unusual feature but interesting. Every bit as enthralling as Plants V Zombies in my opinion, Garden Rescue is great fun from start to finish.


Garden Dash

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like gardening. I love to sit in a garden that is well looked after admiring someone else’s hard work. Garden Dash is a quirky time management game that is full of fun where the only work you will do is enjoy hours of garden themed entertainment. Like most of the Dash games Garden Dash is quite a challenge but one fans will really enjoy.


Sonic Rush Adventure

As a sequel Sonic Rush Adventure does not let us down as it incorporates plenty of the familiar with lots of new making it fabulous platform adrenalin inducing power house of a game. Thrills and spills abound along with a host of characters making it one of the must have games of the year.


Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins captures a world of imagination that will make playing the game an absolute dream. Set in a magical world with beautiful scenery, yet with characters so zany they will make you smile Rayman Origins is a superb platform adventure that gives hours of game play fun along with challenges and surprises to keep even the most accomplished player satisfied.


Mario Kart Wii

I was really surprised when I learned that motor bikes would feature in Mario Kart Wii. Why, I wondered would they take a tried and well tested formula that is so popular with fans and change it. Now that I have played the game I can see why as it does not take anything away from the original Mario Kart experience it only adds to it. Mario Kart Wii is a superb game with lots of new inventive features that fans will simply love.