My Little Pony – The Begining!

“My Little Pony” are a range of toy ponies produced by Hasbro the toy making giants, aimed mainly at little girls .The toys are a unique and imaginative creation thought up by Bonnie Zacherle the American illustrator and designer in 1982. Every little girl dreams of one day owning a pony making this an extremely sought after toy by children who can only dream of owning the real thing. My Little Pony was marketed in 1983 and has gone from strength to strength in popularity ever since, even up to the present day.


Sleepy Review: The Game Might Be Called Sleepy, But You Need to Be Alert!

Sleepy is a simple block game that is actually fun to play thanks to its’ rather unique gameplay feature: the blocks are alive and you can only touch them if they are asleep (hence the title of the game). It may sound odd, but the fact that you need to ensure that each action you make does not wake up the blocks (or only wakes up as few of them as possible), makes for a very exciting game. This is because each stage comes with its own timer, and the more time you spend waiting for blocks to go back to sleep, the more time you end up wasting.

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