Pokemon Tower Defense Will Make a Trainer Out of You

It is easy to be a fan of the Pokemon game franchise, and even if you have never laid your hands on Nintendo and Gamefreaks’s worldwide video game smash hit, just one look at some of the game’s most adorable critters is sure to lure you in. Pokemon is all finding rare fictional creatures and catching them to join your team. With every Pokemon that joins you, you gain more chances to defeat and catch other Pokemon –with the eventual goal of “catching them all”, or so goes the series’ penultimate catch phrase (though some purists may argue that this catch phrase only applies to the western release of the title but not for the original release in Japan, but that is a completely different discussion).

Pokemon Tower Defense is all about the great things in Pokemon, encountering unique creatures, having them join your side, assembling a team of your own hand-picked Pokemon to fight. It may sound a little odd, but after a few minutes of playing the game, you will definitely find yourself addicted to it.


More Bloons – Pop Loads More Balloons!

One of the main things many people have been calling for during the course of the Bloons series is more levels to play through that have been created by the developers. The numerous Bloons player packs that are available can provide some challenge, but for veteran players who are eager to get their fill of balloon popping action, some of the player packs can provide very little to no challenge.

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Shoot for the Stars in Fly Hard

What do you do when a meteor looms over the horizon? With all the doomsday scenarios that we have all seen and heard about, this is the one galactic accident that seems to have the most drama attached to it. And not that it is the only one with a movie –other scenarios are out there in tinseltown too (zombies, coronal explosions, polar ice caps melting, nuclear holocausts, AI gone wild, intelligent monkeys –well, not the monkeys per se, but the virus that makes them intelligent). But one has to admit, no other end of the world scenario has seen such an epic movie as that of a meteor slamming to the earth (and no other holocaust scenario has an Aerosmith song either). So, back to our first question: what do you do?

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