Garden Dash

Garden Dash

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like gardening. I love to sit in a garden that is well looked after admiring someone else’s hard work. Garden Dash is a quirky time management game that is full of fun where the only work you will do is enjoy hours of garden themed entertainment. Like most of the Dash games Garden Dash is quite a challenge but one fans will really enjoy.

The story behind the game sees Barb the lady from Diner Town take up a new hobby which is of course gardening. She hopes that the tranquil hobby will help her unwind from the cares of the world. Well she got that one wrong! Barb decides to open garden shops all around the town supplying local shops with the produce she grows in her gardens.

Your aim is to plant and grow flowers, fruit and vegetables then when they are ready to harvest you pick them, put them in a basket so your customers can buy them. You also need to water the plants some of which require more attention than others, play music for the roses so they will bloom, while some of the vegetables need Barb to nurture them by talking to them. It’s all great fun as you run from one place to another trying to keep your garden working.

There are five great locations in Garden Dash comprising of a huge fifty levels. There are two difficulty modes, easy and hard. Each level begins in easy mode then when you have completed it in this mode hard mode follows. With trophies to win, there are ten, plus all kinds of tasks to undertake Garden Dash will keep you occupied for quite some time.

Each level is timed so the player has to complete the level along with the allotted tasks to complete it and move on. This element of the game is where the challenge comes in. It is fairly easy to complete in the easy mode but once you move on to the most difficult mode it’s certainly another story as the time constraint is very tight.

Chaining is a big part of the game, for instance plant your seeds and the plant pot will turn the same colour as the flowers or the vegetables that grow. Plant more seeds of the same colour in the same pot and you will gain even more points that are turned into more time for you. All the plants and vegetables have a given colour so in that regard once you know the colour you won’t go wrong.

There are plenty of things happening in Garden Dash that will get in your way it’s not all plain sailing. There are dogs that have escaped so may ruin your plants plus there is wind or fire to contend with. Your plants will also lose patience if you don’t water them often enough or harvest the vegetables when ready so watch out for this as it will effect the time you have left. You can however increase time by gathering leaves that have fallen from the plants. Garden Dash certainly keeps you on your toes so you need to be quite the multitasker to keep all the balls in the air so to speak.

Graphically Garden Dash is very colourful with lots of detail. Everything looks very cute and quirky while Barb really looks the part. I found playing the game lots of fun. Garden Dash is definitely my kind of gardening.