Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue is a great tower defense game with gardening as its theme. Fans of the tower defense genre will love playing Garden Rescue as it has all the hallmarks of games of this type with a quirky theme added in for extra entertainment. The difference with this game is that defending your towers earns you money, an unusual feature but interesting. Every bit as enthralling as Plants V Zombies in my opinion, Garden Rescue is great fun from start to finish.

Your aim is to protect your strawberries from the pesky insects that will try to eat them. You need to place plants in pots in strategic places to ward off the creatures making this game challenging. Plants come at a price so you need to collect coins to pay. These are awarded by the grateful strawberries for protecting them from the insects.

Planning and thinking ahead are all part of the game play if you are to succeed meaning the game is no push over. Your plants have differing abilities such as slowing down insects or firing missiles at flying insects while the amusing pea pods actually shoot peas with the corn cobs providing a similar service. It’s very amusing in a quirky kind of way.

There are plenty of upgrades for you to acquire so that you can improve your garden plus you can also buy more plants to place around the garden. There are three levels of difficulty easy, medium and hard meaning that you can begin at a more leisurely pace working your way up to the frantic hardest level of play. Insects come towards you from all parts of the screen so you have to keep your wits about you.

I like the graphics in Garden Rescue finding them colourful and imaginative while full of detail. The soundtrack is also cute and very suited to the game with amusing effects. Children will definitely love the cartoon like appearance of the game while it is a great buy to keep them occupied over the holidays. As far as a score is concerned I think 7/10 is fair.