Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover

Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover

I really loved Gardenscape, the hidden object game where you had to give the garden a makeover by raising money from selling articles you searched for inside a mansion. This follow on is huge fun too as you now turn your attention to the neglected mansion. You have made your garden the best in town so now you have to sort out the mansion. Gardenscape Mansion Makeover has plenty of added features plus upgrades making it a worthy sequel to the original.

Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover is everything you want in a hidden object game and then some. Along with your trusty side kick Austin the butler you will search for lots of new hidden objects in updated rooms plus serve plenty of eager demanding customers who soon lose patience if you don’t find what they want quickly enough. All this of course earns you money to improve the mansion so the quicker you work the more cash you will get. You can select between two speeds which is good. You either play against a clock or give yourself unlimited time, its up to you.

There are plenty of hints and tips as you play along while collecting coins or power ups is an added bonus too. Another added feature that is useful is the fact that objects glow red when you are near them or white when you are far away giving you a clear indicator. It reminded me of being a child playing a game with my grandma called hide the thimble. She would hide it then as we searched she would say “you are red hot” when close to the thimble or “you are stone cold” when not. It brought back fond memories.

There are some scenes where customers will come along and ask you to find a certain number of the same object. When you search for objects normally you will receive monetary payment but not in these one off scenes. In these you get paid sort of in kind as the customer will give you a present to brighten up your rooms such as paintings or ornaments. Its a great little diversion to play making things diverse.

Customising your own mansion is great fun. You will create something that is very individual to your taste which is one of Gardenscapes Mansion Makeovers main charms. Just about everything in the game can be customised giving your creative streak a real airing. Upgrades will buy you improvements for the mansion including new floors, furniture or decorations. Some upgrades are cheap while others are more expensive so it is up to you to plan your purchases in terms of money available. Once you have a set of upgrades you can play the available mini games that are a real fun diversion.

I love the graphics in this game ,they are cute, colourful and quirky while there is so much detail you will never tire of rummaging through the cluttered rooms. The level of difficulty is up to the player which is nice. I think being in control of whether you play the game the hard way or easy is a real bonus. The soundtrack is lovely plus is well suited to the subject matter. All in all Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover is one amazing hidden object game.