Gardenscapes is a hidden object game from Playrix Entertainment that I found utterly entertaining. The graphics are really beautiful being colourful while full of interesting detail. This is a game that goes to the top of my own league table as one of the best in its genre but don’t take my word for it, you must play Gardenscapes yourself. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The prominent character in the game is the butler Austin. He works in a large mansion that you have inherited where a once beautiful garden has been neglected so will require a lot of work to restore it to its once splendid state. Your aim is to buy all kinds of equipment plus garden adornments such as bushes, shrubs, gazebos and bird cages so you will eventually win the garden clubs best garden trophy. There is just one obstacle stopping you, the fact that you have no money at all.

The idea comes to you that within the mansions fifteen rooms there must be articles that you could sell to raise the money. You visit each room separately organising jumble sales while accommodating customers with objects they want to buy. As the visitors come into each room they will tell you what it is they want to buy such as items of clothing or kitchen utensils. You then need to hunt around and find them quickly before the customers lose their patience and leave.

Speed is the main requirement in Gardenscapes. To explain, the quicker you find what the customer requires, the more money they will pay. This will result in you earning enough to buy all the things you need to make your garden look good. There are lots of little one off tasks for you to do along the way making things interesting as people may ask you to find other objects. When this happens you will go to a special room that contains these objects so you need to find as many as you can.

Players will spend a lot of time going from room to room and revisiting the same rooms quite a few times. Some may find this repetitive but I enjoyed it while the rooms are so detailed that there is always something new to see each visit. What about the butler? I hear you say. Well I haven’t forgotten about him. You will see Austin in the garden watering the plants or playing with his dog plus Austin’s dialogue gives you lots of tips plus interesting information to help you on your way.

The garden looks very pretty indeed. This is due to the imaginative graphics that are very colourful and detailed. The objects aren’t just flat looking items they are well drawn. The candles actually burn while objects that hang swing about in the breeze, it’s all very cleverly done. Gardenscapes is certainly one of the best hidden object games I have had the pleasure to play. It is challenging in parts but not frantic so you actually do have time to admire your handy work when the garden is finished.