More Bloons – Pop Loads More Balloons!

More Bloons

One of the main things many people have been calling for during the course of the Bloons series is more levels to play through that have been created by the developers. The numerous Bloons player packs that are available can provide some challenge, but for veteran players who are eager to get their fill of balloon popping action, some of the player packs can provide very little to no challenge.

The developers of Ninja Kiwi have sought to answer this call by providing plenty of challenge in their More Bloons release. This release is specifically geared toward people who felt the player packs were not challenging enough and wanted to see more. The developers even created a new special balloon type for you to master in this game, so it feels more like a proper sequel than the player packs that were implemented do. Since there is new content with this release, there has also been a minor graphical update, which is a nice thing considering the older Bloons games are starting to look pretty dated.

As previously mentioned, all of these levels are specifically tailored to cater to veteran Bloons players. New players who want to get started in the balloon popping action should look elsewhere, as even the very first levels are designed to provide a very hardcore challenge. The balance between puzzle levels and action balloon levels is a little swayed toward action balloons with the addition of a new type of balloon, but this isn’t a bad thing.

The flow of this pack is very similar to that of the first player pack that was released, so if you enjoyed that pack, then you’ll definitely enjoy More Bloons. In fact, some of the player created levels in that player pack are considered harder than some of the more difficult levels in More Bloons. Thus veteran players who were disappointed with subsequent player packs that were released will definitely find something to love in More Bloons. The only downside to this is that some of the levels are so hard, you reach a roadblock and are unable to continue until you manage to figure out the particular gimmick to get through that level.

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