Super Mario Sunshine

Here our hero is on holiday! Yes the overworked Mario is actually taking a vacation with Princess Peach on Delfino Island but as you would expect all does not go to plan as a Mario lookalike has rubbished the island, so it’s up to the poor plumber to get his water cannon at the ready to clean up as he is accused of causing the mayhem himself.


Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario is a bit of an enigma as it cannot be strictly categorised in terms of what type of game I would describe it as. It’s a little bit of everything rolled into one making it rather unique while the game is a pleasure to discover. With fantastic grab at you graphics it has hours of game play fun for you to explore and enjoy, while for us regular fans it combines all the elements we all know and admire when it comes to Super Mario games. The paper element is superb with the usual case scenario of if your character turns sideways you can no longer see them as would happen with a piece of paper. It’s Wacky but fun.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

When Super Mario Galaxy was released it felt like the best game ever that would never be improved upon as it had everything platform gamers could wish for but galaxy 2 has far surpassed the original in every which way it can. The sequel to the first game is nothing short of brilliant in terms of game play, challenge and creativity it will have you glued to the chair as you once again leap into outer space to play this great 3D platform adventure game.


Super Smash Bros: Brawl

Wow! Just when I thought that Super Smash Bros Melee was the ultimate in platform games that incorporated all my favourite characters along comes Super Smash Bros Brawl to knock spots off it. Nintendo have really pushed out the boat in terms of bringing some great characters together that are such favourites that fans just can’t help but be impressed and excited about this next offering.


Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario in space is the setting for this adventure and it is simply superb. Mario floats through the atmosphere passing stars and planets plus a few other locations we have seen before in previous episodes. As a fan, Mario for me is the ultimate video game character, the one I feel I know the best. He has such character and personality while in this episode he really comes to life especially in view of the 3D graphics. Packed with fun and amusement it is a game you will not be able to put down.


Super Mario 3D Land

Wow this game is simply awesome! Super Mario is one of my all time favourite game characters and now he is back again in a story filled with excitement, thrills and spills, twists and turns plus a super challenge that all Super Mario fans will have hours of fun playing. With many new elements this game does not stand still but pushes the boundaries forward as only Super Mario can.


Pokemon Tower Defense Will Make a Trainer Out of You

It is easy to be a fan of the Pokemon game franchise, and even if you have never laid your hands on Nintendo and Gamefreaks’s worldwide video game smash hit, just one look at some of the game’s most adorable critters is sure to lure you in. Pokemon is all finding rare fictional creatures and catching them to join your team. With every Pokemon that joins you, you gain more chances to defeat and catch other Pokemon –with the eventual goal of “catching them all”, or so goes the series’ penultimate catch phrase (though some purists may argue that this catch phrase only applies to the western release of the title but not for the original release in Japan, but that is a completely different discussion).

Pokemon Tower Defense is all about the great things in Pokemon, encountering unique creatures, having them join your side, assembling a team of your own hand-picked Pokemon to fight. It may sound a little odd, but after a few minutes of playing the game, you will definitely find yourself addicted to it.



I just love hidden object/puzzle games while I also love animal themed games so put the two together and what do you have? Farmscapes that’s what! It is a fun, exciting plus engaging challenge that will see you playing for quite some time as you crack the puzzles while seeking out all the hidden objects that you need to progress in this game from Playrix.


Farm Frenzy 2

I absolutely love Farm Frenzy 2 as it has hours of game play fun, it is a time management game which I enjoy plus it involves animals which are my passion. The game is such a challenge something the cute graphics and quirky backing track belie. As a fan of this genre I expected to definitely get something from the game but it actually surpasses all my expectations and then some leaving me in no doubt that I must recommend it highly.


Farm Frenzy – Pizza Party

The Farm Frenzy series are time management games that are great fun to play. Farm Frenzy-Pizza Party is the third in the series and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Once again you have to build up your farm, livestock plus make products to sell while all the time defending your farm from a possible attack by the bears. The game certainly lives up to its title as you manically try to create and collect against the clock but when you are successful it is party time!