Plants V Zombies

Plants V Zombies

This game is simply fantastic! It is totally addictive, with great puzzles, along with challenging game play, it is a work of art, while being one of my favourite yet from the PopCap Games Studios. Who would believe that a game about plants fighting zombies would be so engaging that you find yourself playing it over and over again. The plants in this game are not just your every day pretty petal variety, no they are super strong and sturdy so that they can destroy zombies one at a time or in groups, and it’s fabulous.

The object of the plant game is as follows, imagine you had a lovely home and zombies were trying to get inside it to kill you plus eat your brains. Not a very nice concept is it? How can you stop them? Well its simple really just plant as much greenery along with flowers and trees to stop them in their tracks. You must choose differing types of plants that have various advantages in respect of how they kill the monsters then keep on adding to them as and when you are able to buy more. Selecting a plant to bed in costs valuable sunlight that you receive now and then as it falls from the sky. To survive you need lots of sunlight so planting sun flowers is a good idea to create more.

There are many types of zombies too including ones that jump up so they can miss being bombed, some wearing protective helmets or some that hide behind screens using them as if they were a shield. Its fantastic fun as you use your strategy skills to plant your flowers and shrubs, while at the same time fight the zombie onslaught. The pole vaulting zombies are hilarious while the zombie that moon walks along with his dancing troupe will have you laughing out loud.

This is a perfect example of a tower defence game that has many twists and turns making it great fun as well as a challenge. There are two types of puzzle namely Vase Breaker and I Zombie while the mini games are made up of one off challenges for you to explore. Once you have developed a strategy for the day light hours you then have to cope with zombie attacks that happen at night time. For this you need to plant a whole new set of greenery that is suited to the night hours. You can earn money as you play to purchase items from your zany neighbour who sells from his car boot, while you can by upgrades for your plants or garden equipment, it’s your choice.

There are fifty great levels for you to tackle in the main game while there are also unlockable modes plus twenty, yes you heard right twenty of the aforementioned mini games. There are plenty of modes to keep you busy too. The adventure mode which is the main game or the Survival mode that is far more challenging. The survival mode has different zombies including the zombies in a balloon that can only be destroyed by your cactus plants so make sure you have some of those planted. Survival mode also enables you to plant and replant changing your line up as or when you like. The plants on offer are far more outlandish, strange and alien looking but they are what you need if you are to complete the survival experience.

The graphics in Plants v Zombies are breathtakingly creative and imaginative while being colourful and quirky. The characters are cartoon like but still very believable. I loved the plant variations as well as the great zombie characterisation that is very original. The soundtrack too is very good with plenty of variety depending what is happening on the screen. Plants v Zombies is a game not to be missed. It has everything you could want or expect from a creative tower defence game plus has zombies to destroy! Making it even better for zombie fans and with lots of puzzling as well as loads of mini games you just won’t be able to put it down.