Sleepy Review: The Game Might Be Called Sleepy, But You Need to Be Alert!

Sleepy Review

Sleepy is a simple block game that is actually fun to play thanks to its’ rather unique gameplay feature: the blocks are alive and you can only touch them if they are asleep (hence the title of the game). It may sound odd, but the fact that you need to ensure that each action you make does not wake up the blocks (or only wakes up as few of them as possible), makes for a very exciting game. This is because each stage comes with its own timer, and the more time you spend waiting for blocks to go back to sleep, the more time you end up wasting.

Speed, accuracy, and a bit of strategic planning all come into play with this little gem of a game. There are no fancy instructions or deep storylines: just a simple goal. And that goal is to clear out all the blocks before you run out of time. Add in Sleepy’s neatly designed graphics, basic controls, and quirky nature and you have a game that is actually quite fun to play.

Do Not Wake the Blocks

The goal of the game is simple: clear out all the blocks from the stage. In order to do so, players must check the bottom of the screen for a visual clue on which blocks can be cleared out. To do so, they must check two tabs: these tabs will show the colors of the valid blocks. So if the tabs are colored red and green, a player can click on one red and one green block to remove it from the field. Once a tab color has been used, it will be refreshed –the new color will always be a color of one of the blocks on the stage.

The game becomes a simple color-by-numbers type of a game –it tells you exactly what kind of blocks to go for. The problem is that the blocks must be asleep. The game starts with blocks falling from the sky, after they fall, they will start yawning and start falling asleep –and this is when the stage begins.

You must choose sleeping blocks that match the colors of the tabs. The selected block will then be removed from the stage. However, there is a catch, if the blocks will awaken if they are moved from their position. If you remove a block that is supporting a pile of other blocks, the other blocks will fall and you will not be able to use them until they fall back to sleep.

Basic Strategy for Winning

The best way to play this game is to start from the top. Blocks will only wake up if they fall down, this means eliminating blocks located on top of piles is an easy feat. Also, do not worry if one of the tabs shows a block color that is not readily available. Just focus on one tab if taking out another color will cause a cascade of blocks to come tumbling down. Of course, there will be times when you will not have a choice but to remove blocks from the lower parts of a pile. When you are forced to do so, always try to go for the ones that will cause the least amount of problems (basically, the blocks that are supporting the least number of other blocks). This will ensure that you will still have plenty of sleeping blocks to choose from for your next move.

Some strategies suggest that you try to use up both the tab colors when you can –while there is a bit of good with this concept, we found that the more conservative approach works a lot better in the later stages when there are so many blocks (and of course, the time factor becomes even more critical).

Relaxing to the Eyes

Looking at the game’s graphics, you will not be easily lulled into sleep. Sleepy’s blocks have some rather cute (though uniform) faces. The little eyes and mouths are very expressive, which means that figuring out which blocks are asleep or awake is very easy: all you need to do is to look at the screen -no need to squint. The rest of the game’s visuals are also nicely made. The trees, clouds, and other background details are all colored in bright solid hues (and a few in pastel tones) which are sure to appeal to many players.

The animations are trite and few in number, but the quality can still be marked as pretty good. The faces change expressions depending on what you do, so you will see blocks happily sleeping while others are outright annoyed to be awoken. The only other animation in the game aside from the faces are the blocks themselves –these little squares fall and rest upon each other in a very realistic manner. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how removing a block will affect the others in the game.

The music is the closest thing in the game to its title: you would pretty much fall asleep if you left the game running in the background and you are listening to the audio. That is pretty nice, but if you are in an office or the school (naughty, naughty!), you might want to place the game on mute lest you start yawning. Fortunately, the game places the sound controls right in the game screen for players to toggle.

Speaking of controls, all you need to play this game is the mouse –you click on the boxes you want to remove. The other function of the mouse is for playing around with the user interface. Sleepy’s UI is neat and easy to navigate and whether you would want to mute the sound, restart the stage, or simply pause the game, all you will need to do is to click on the appropriate button. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the buttons are clearly marked and hard to miss.

Why Play This Game?

Sleepy may not be everyone’s top pick for a quick game to play. The concept is less simple and shallow, and the pace is a little relaxed compared to other time based puzzle games. If you are the type who appreciates relaxed puzzles or gently rising challenge curves, then this is the game for you. Just remember that the game really does pick up speed once you get to the later stages so you never need to worry about falling asleep on this one.

The best part of it all is that you can pick up this game at any time, stop, then resume whenever you like. Each stage is relatively short –considering that there is a time limit to it, so you do not need to worry about losing too much time on this one. If you just need a quick puzzle fix for a short office break, then this Sleepy little game will certainly fit right in.

What Do You Think

The only time this game ever really gets Sleepy is after you have already finished it once. And while that means that the replay value is low, there is enough enjoyment to be had the first time around. With the game’s easy to figure out gameplay, basic control system, nice artwork, and pick-up-and-go mechanics, any casual gamer should certainly try this. Sleepy may have an odd name, but what matters is the actual game.

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