Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonic Rush Adventure

As a sequel Sonic Rush Adventure does not let us down as it incorporates plenty of the familiar with lots of new making it fabulous platform adrenalin inducing power house of a game. Thrills and spills abound along with a host of characters making it one of the must have games of the year.

The game begins with Sonic and Tails getting sucked through a time portal to land on an island where they meet a racoon named Marine. Marine will help the pair try to get back through the portal to where they belong. Along with Blaze the cat another character from the original game they try to the robot pirate named Captain Whisker who has an old relic that Blaze wants to retrieve.

You begin by travelling to various islands (there are seven in all) full of jungles and all kinds of weird undergrowth. Each island has two stages to complete then a Boss Fight. The first thing you must do before you can get started is build some sort of sailing transport. You will earn bits and pieces to build your ship by playing the levels and collecting rings while your overall score depends on how fast you were plus how many tricks you performed. Once you have built your vehicle which looks very much like a jet ski then you plan your route with the stylus and you’re off.

There are lots of very well crafted locations that have tons of detail that you may wish to revisit time and again as you will miss out because Sonic is so speedy you hardly take a breath never mind take in the scenery. Revisits will lead you down new paths of discovery finding things you previously never saw. As usual he speeds along jumping and twisting but he does have other powers that aren’t his usual stuff like crashing through crowds of enemy characters. Dashing around like this will take its toll on the meter so watch out for that. You can refill by performing tricks it’s a lot of fun.

Each time you reach an island you will land yourself into the mayhem that is Sonic as speed is the key to the game. The split screen effect is superb with action starting at the top moving down to the bottom then going back up top. You really need to be on the ball! Visiting Marines house is a must as there you will find unlockable missions or race against a character called Johnny on a jet ski.

This follow up adventure is well worth the money as there are so many phenomenal qualities that improve the Sonic experience. Our hero is true to form along with some cracking support characters making you return again and again as Sonic Rush Adventure is really addictive. The graphics are fabulous with some very unusual characters to meet, along with an awesome soundtrack with great sound effects making it one platform game you won’t want to miss out on.